What products do you use?
PartyyMagic Face Painting only uses professional quality, cosmetic grade and FDA/EU approved paints and glitters such as Snazaroo, Diamond FX, and Wolfe Brothers.


Removal of Products Face Painting: Use Soap and Water. DO NOT SCRUB. On dark colors use moisturizer to remove. Use Baby Oil, Olive Oil or 91% Alcohol to remove. We use a supreme level of hygiene for the safety of our customers and staff. Equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each session.

What if I am worried about allergic reactions?
As products are tested and hypoallergenic we find reactions are extremely rare. However if you are at all worried, a skin or 'patch' test can be done. PartyyMagic Face Painting cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions.

What about germs?
The artist reserves the right to refuse to paint kids or adults showing symptoms of medical conditions, including, but not limited to; cold sores, open wounds/broken skin, skin rash, heavy cold/streaming nose, conjunctivitis, various infectious skin diseases or visibly infected skin. Alternative areas may be considered – please ask.
Throughout the face painting event, we use hand sanitizer and baby wipes generously, and use fresh clean water. After each face painting event, we wash our sponges in hot, soapy water and soak our brushes in a brush cleaner which cleans and sanitizes them for the next event.

Is there an age limit to get painted?
The artist will paint any child or adult  ages 1 - 100 who are willing to be painted. If a child cannot keep still enough to have their face painted safely, an alternative area may be painted if suitable. The artist will NOT under any circumstances paint a child who clearly does not wish to be painted, shows confusion, distress or anxiety, regardless of parents’ wishes.

How long does each child take to be face painted?
The amount of time it takes to face paint each design greatly varies. Standard face painting designs take anywhere from 4 - 8 minutes. More complex designs will take a bit longer depending on low intricate it is and the size of the face paint design. On average, each child spends at the most 5 minutes in the chair.